Organic Rock

An Independent Music Network

     Greetings! Welcome to the latest incarnation of Organic Rock. Over the past twenty years there's been a lot of changes in the Organic Camp, but one thing has remained constant: A devotion to discovering Unsigned and Independent Artists and Bands and helping expose them to the largest audience possible. Thanks to Internet Radio and Podcasting, the Xposed radio show is heard in over 100 countries on this little blue planet which has increased the ProRockitive audience from a cool local thing to a Global Independent Voice. Looking forward to what Organic Rock can do over the next twenty years.

ProRockitive Paradise

The most diverse Independent radio stream on the planet.

Organic Rock is proud to be a brother host of Rock Mauritius Radio (MyRadio.Rocks) which broadcasts from Paradise to the world 24/7/365.

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ProRockitive Paradise streaming all day every day.